2016: The Year of Self-Investment



I have a huge heart.

But with having a big heart–
I tend to utilize it for others,
Instead of myself.

So my main focus for this year is to invest in MYSELF.

I have 1 major goal (To become more independent) I want to accomplish this year. In order to do that I must accomplish these three goals I’ve set for myself.

1. Have a minimum of 3 sources of income.

2. Get my license

3. Have an adequate savings account.

I chose these three specific goals because they’re realistic & I can give myself time to complete them.

Goal Number One

I currently have two jobs and I’m a full time college undergrad. One job I have back home & the other at school. However, this form of income is not enough to survive and save on, in addition to it being inconsistent.

Finding new sources of income that would supplement the one I have now would make my goals easier to accomplish & I may be able to accomplish them faster.

             Goal Number Two

I’ve had my learners permit since I was 17, so I know, you don’t have to say it– its LONG OVERDUE.

My summer breaks are my longest school breaks & my permit expires on my 22nd birthday (this year), So I have to utilize my time wisely & make it happen, no excuses!

              Goal Number Three

I’ve already taken the necessary steps of managing my money by teaching myself about financially literacy (I spend a lot of time in Barnes & Noble honey) I’m working on a budget to figure out where my money is going, & I’ve already set aside money out of my check.

If I continue to keep up with my new habits, I should be alright.

I have also come up with another set of goals that I want to incorporate into my daily life.

I call them, MBS Goals.

Mind Goals: goals that effect my mental health & stimuli. Things that can expand my mind.

Body Goals: goals that effect my physical health and well being.

Soul Goals: goals that effect my emotional/creative health. Nurturing the very things that makes me–me.

1. Read at least 1 book a month
2. Learn a language
3. Expand my vocabulary

1. Workout daily
2. Eat healthier
3. Drink more water

1. Learn to meditate
2. Pick up a hobby
3. Stop Stressing!!!

Having your goals documented makes it that much easier to accomplish them because you have reminders. Anything you want to accomplish this year? Write your goals down and make them happen!