“Wine, hip-hop, and a good book.”

That’s the essence of who I am.

Three words.

Yet three words with a plot twist– everytime.

7,665 days later

My answer hasn’t changed.

With time, it only got better, young girl from the South Bronx, the South South Bronx, who had a story so crazy to tell, it could’ve rocked a nation.

After spending time back in The Bronx for my winter vacation; I’ve been given the opportunity to walk through the same neighborhood I grew up in. The first institution of my learning. My sense of place. My home. I’ve been feeling really nostaligic lately.

Between spending time with beloved family members, or indulging in the flavors of The Bronx that set my tastebuds on fire (Shout out to J&J Restaruant & Cuchifritos on Tremont Ave for that Bomb ASS Cuban Sandwhich! OKAY! It had me singing and dancing in my seat. You can ask my mami.) It was humbling, yet it was both refreshing and enlightening.


But I got to sit down and ask myself.

Who was I then? And who am I now?

So allow, me to reintroduce myself..*HOV Voice*

My name is Rebecca. I prefer Becca.

I love water, tea, preferably peppermint tea, and wine.

Red or white. I don’t care. As long as it’s not too stiff or dry, It’s cool.

I like low lighting, burning fragrance oil, and incense,

Shea butter, Coconut oil, and Black soap,

I’m an Afro Latina from The South Bronx,

I love Platanos just as much as I love Collard Greens,

My favorite romance movie is Love Jones,

& if I had to describe my relationship in a movie title, it would be Love Jones.

Subconsciously, my favorite color is purple, but for some reason I’m in denial of it and it shows.. literally lol. I wear purple all the time. ( That stems from the time my mom didn’t let me paint my room hot pink, so I decided to pick Lavender. Thats where it all started.)


I don’t like big crowds,

I don’t like to follow trends,

but I don’t consider myself a trendsetter,

although I’ve noticed I have influenced others.

I’m humble enough to think that I’m stylish and fashionable,

but I don’t think I have the right to tell people what to wear.


Shiiiit, If i like something, and I wanna wear it, Honestly,

I could care less what some other motherfucka might think because 9/10 I look cute and I know i look good. And my man is always saying so lmao.

I’m a Queen.

I was once lost.

But I am found.

I found myself.

No one found her for me, because no one else can.

I’ve made mistakes and silly decisions.

But I’m still human.

and i always say.

“If someone still holding on to the things that you may have done wrong in the past, if thats literally the ONLY thing they’re still trying to throw in your face, It’s really because deep down inside, you got it going on and you shitting on them. So fuck it, let them go. Negativity energy gotta go.”

I’m twenty-one years old.

I’m old enough to go to bars.

I actually drink less liquor at 21

than i did before I turned 21.

(Yes, i drank underage, so what?)

I actually love wine more than liquor.

i drink wine while i watch scandal

i drink it when i eat dinner,

when im listening to jazz,

reading or doing homework.

My taste in music has evolved as well. My interest, everything has changed.


Anyone who has known me since i was a little girl, did you ever imagine I would look the way I do now, did you imagine my life differently from what it is now? 

I still have my love for reading and learning. Mannnnnnn, I can sit in Barnes and Nobles for hours and hours just reading. Shit, I even got a brand new library card. Things I picked up as a kid. I’m doing in my adult life. I’m twenty one years old now. My Illmatic years are over.

It’s the first chapter of my life story of womanhood. And though it seems like a scary world in this cold world as a Black woman, to be on this journey is mind-boggling but I have no choice but to embrace. I’m twenty-one and grateful to still be alive as a Black Woman In America. Some of my brothers and sisters don’t even make it that far..

May our brothers and sisters who we have lost rest in peace.

Peace & Blessings,


  • Medusa.