Good Riddance

 I did what I had to do for me.
If that includes cutting toxic people off then so be it
I won’t tolerate disrespect, neglect or abandonment.
Im hurt my own father forgot my birthday. How is that even possible?
I’ve given him chance after chance to get it together, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible for him.
I’m tired of fighting for something that isn’t even worth the fight.
Why do I have to fight with you for you to be a father?
I’m done hurting.
I’m done allowing you to hurt me.
I cannot afford to give energy to dead situations.
Youre as dead to me as the inside of yourself and your consciousness.
You’re no longer existent in my life.
You couldn’t choose what you wanted to do,
So I made the decision for youm
I’m letting you go forever.
Don’t bother to look back or try..
It’s hopeless as your empty promises.
I just wish I didn’t know who my father is
So it would’ve been easy to accept the reality
That you freely choose to be an unavailable dad,
More like donator of lies, sperm, & disappointment
That’s all I know when it comes to you.
Now I have the power to control who will be in my life and who won’t
And if you’re wondering if you’d be invited to my wedding
Please don’t
Cus’ the last time I went back on my word and invited you to something
YOU didn’t even show.
Left me at graduation on stage with a rage
At myself for being lured into your disappointment cage.
No more I’m done.
I don’t know who will bury you cus I’m definitely not the one…
Good riddance.


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