Haitian Sensation

Your electrifying erection carries convulsions of pleasure to my soul,
My toes curl so hard I’m Surely, convinced that my body is your temple,
Tapping my ass like Bojangles, no billy, jeans you are in them bursting me at my seams from in between
This is quite the love scene.
Your love jones digging the marrow out my bones, as I’m sitting on your dick like its my throne, ancient love like an Egyptian Queen and a Pharaoh, own it, your majesty, my pussy is your dynasty. Die-Nasty as i suck your dick while you drive, no jive hopefully we survive, you & me we thrive in our sex drive, splash, squirt, & swallow, deep pussy, never shallow, fuck me so good i don’t have cum for tomorrow.
My king do come, we come together; evolution, he go to war with the pussy like its a revolution, we celebrate in extacy, generations we are creating, cuz cant nobody put it on me like my Haitian Sensation.


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