Family Last

From the present and the past
you always put your family last,
absent with ease in the fondest memories
and present in my paralyzing pain you
The blood stain i can’t get out my veins, my brain can’t stop analyzing why you movin funny like a slave with no chains, can’t control your bitch, yet I’m the one who gets blamed
Who Cuts off their family for a wack bitch with money?
How can you live with yourself?
Why don’t you just kill yourself?
You worth more dead than alive anyway, so is there any way you can speed it up?
You’re a dead beat,
Dead to my heart as my words beat upon your deaf ears, I wanna beat you to death and give you the ass whooping of a life time,
I’m making Ws out of Ls I’m dealt.
And despite all the hurt I’ve felt,
I can never be defeated,
your time is up I’m overheated you need to take several seats for this one so please be seated
You’re toxic, no Brittany, the spears of your lies while looking into my eyes that resemble yours makes me think if hurting your children is on your list of chores,
you treat those that are not yours as if they are,
and yours as if they’re not,
your bazaar behavior creates inquiries of whether you need a straight jacket and a cot
I’d let you rot
In your bad deeds and karma
Drug yourself with your guilt and overdose on big pharma.


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