Untitled Rage I

I’m praying my dreams don’t defer
Nor my student loans
I prefer to live differently, but this world ain’t feeling me,
Seems like i gotta play tweedledee, but I ain’t tweedledumb, humanity is numb, communicating in 140 characters with your thumbs
Sometimes the load of this world only seems to loan me stress and despair,
Knowing that I have a degree but i can still be discriminated against because of my hair,
Its as if being happy while Black isn’t obtainable,
Or if you want better for your people, by screaming black power- you’re deemed hateful,
Thank God I have a warrior queen for a mother I’m forever grateful.
I sit drowning in my lonesome, wrapping my brain about the system and how we can overcome
Its baffling, maybe i went to school high cus I knew i’d still make less than white guys who only went to high school.
Or l when i get called for an interview they think I’m gonna be a white woman,
Ooh baby what is you doin?
Why you frontin?
You know my code-switching on a hunnid
I speak Spanglish, English, Sarcasm and Ebonics
The vultures hooked on our cultures like Phonics
Taylor swift with an Afro? That bitch really tried it.
I need the Mileys and Katys to stay in their lane please, blackness ain’t a costume for your wannabe black striptease, you ain’t honoring the culture you just exploiting it
And especially to my people of color,
Stop supporting that shit!




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