Untitled Rage I

I’m praying my dreams don’t defer
Nor my student loans
I prefer to live differently, but this world ain’t feeling me,
Seems like i gotta play tweedledee, but I ain’t tweedledumb, humanity is numb, communicating in 140 characters with your thumbs
Sometimes the load of this world only seems to loan me stress and despair,
Knowing that I have a degree but i can still be discriminated against because of my hair,
Its as if being happy while Black isn’t obtainable,
Or if you want better for your people, by screaming black power- you’re deemed hateful,
Thank God I have a warrior queen for a mother I’m forever grateful.
I sit drowning in my lonesome, wrapping my brain about the system and how we can overcome
Its baffling, maybe i went to school high cus I knew i’d still make less than white guys who only went to high school.
Or l when i get called for an interview they think I’m gonna be a white woman,
Ooh baby what is you doin?
Why you frontin?
You know my code-switching on a hunnid
I speak Spanglish, English, Sarcasm and Ebonics
The vultures hooked on our cultures like Phonics
Taylor swift with an Afro? That bitch really tried it.
I need the Mileys and Katys to stay in their lane please, blackness ain’t a costume for your wannabe black striptease, you ain’t honoring the culture you just exploiting it
And especially to my people of color,
Stop supporting that shit!





I said i’ll be your stress reliever,
Certainly not your punching bag
I told you, you were welcome
Not turn me into your welcome mat
When they came for you, I stood up,
When they came for me, there you sat
Every time I flash back I’m once again backed — against the back roads of life,
Driving among some road only to find myself, trife, on my back,  backwards Every time i move forward back firing against my back up plan, no plan b so what’s it gonna be?
I saw the crucifixion coming prior to you crucifying me

Know Thyself

Black people are like trees.
We grow toward the sun, our hair like leaves.
Our browns, blacks, and light like the bark on the majestic natural things, branches are erected, making love through the beezniz of creating buds blooming, stretching, farther from their roots.
One can’t get farther without the other.
What is a branch to the roots of a tree?
What are the roots of a tree without branches?

Know thy self.