I’ve learned that in the year of self-investment,

You have to try new things,

You have to create new ideas,

You have to dream BIG,

No matter what people tell you what you “should” do

Because it really is about you at the end of the day.

Your destiny and fate is all up to you.

A safe boat never leaves the dock,

And shiiiiiiiit, I sure love adventure,

So I’m gonna sail regardless.

In order for your boat not to sink, you can’t let the water get inside your boat.

Yet, you have to respect and praise the water for carrying you on your journey.

And appreciate the beauty in the sky, the clouds, and the colors of nature.

Understand the depths of your mind—don’t be afraid to embrace the darkness and the unknown,

For there is Beauty in Darkness.

Creation Is Made In Darkness

Like A Baby In A Woman.

It Is Only When It Touches The light That It Begins To Learn The World.

Sometimes, it involves getting rid of the weight you don’t need.

Let it go—you owe it to yourself.

You can say no without feeling guilty,

Even if it hurts deep down inside.

But the truth indeed, hurts.

And being honest is part of investing in yourself.

If I want justice in the world, I have to make justice in my own life.