A Needle In A Hay Stack

Believing a man can be faithful when you’ve been exposed to cheating men your entire life is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Can a man REALLY be faithful?
Yeah your words sound nice and all, and as much as I would really like to think that you are actually being monogamous to me,

It’s hard to believe that,
when all you’ve seen were cheating men.

You were not there.
Your eyes did not witness
Your ears didn’t hear.

Plus in society,
there’s such a thing as male privilege.

You can sleep around with your whores and return home to your wife and society says its ok. A woman can’t without being verbally degraded until she is a crumb.

My abuelo (May he rest in peace) was married to my abuela.
They had five children. He had 5×2
They were married young.
She 14, him 18.

My surplus of aunts and uncles was normal to me.
I didn’t mind.

Or the men who had different women in rotation,

or listening to my cousin’s saying sweet shit to a chicks ear.

Yes, I hear you when you tell me you love me and that you’re faithful to me.

But my grandfather said that too,
So did the men in my family,
& I remember my cousins saying that to their girls
and i’m just thinking damn this girl a fool.

I understand that I’m your woman.
BUT please don’t have me looking stupid.

They say these niggas out here for everybody,
well my man isn’t. I’m trusting you every single day.

But I still believe that finding a faithful man is like finding a needle in a haystack.


Dear Hip-Hop

Nas didn’t lie when he said hip-hop was dead..

And now Hip-Hop is killing us.

Hip-Hop died when we started letting other people control our labels, our distribution, and now they control the content.

We let the dollar signs,
Sign away our soul,
On the same lines,
Of losing our creation.

We were uplifting our people,
Through our struggle tales of the streets and rapping about self destruction and unity.

We were fighting the power
And screaming fuck the police,
We were coming together
And we had a message for our youth.

Black women were told they were beautiful.
Black Men stood together..

But now look at this shit y’all call music. This aint hip-hop,
Its self hate music.

Black men rapping about hating Black women

Black men rapping about killing black men

Black men rapping about drugs

Black men rapping about material shit

How did we go from
Mentioning Marcus Garvey
To just mentioning Ferraris?

Hip-Hop is in its death bed with a oxygen tube still puffing on cigarettes.

How can a creation made from a people of love, uplift, unity, honesty and the Black aesthetic become something so negative, hateful, materialistic, and bitter?

Are you going to continue to let our music be exploited, watered down, and shitty or are you going to take action and take our shit back?