The slave ship never landed on American soil,

It just kept on sailing
While transforming into something else.

Slavery is NOT over,
Look around you.
It is time for you to wake up from the lies, and embrace the truth.

Once Plantations, now corporations,
Working hard for wages, that can’t pay your rent.

I’m so hell bent–
On how an unarmed black man can end up dead like Sandra Bland, In police custody with cuffs on their hands, with more than enough evidence yet the cops walk away a free man.

White privilege is so real
And so is racism,
How dare an Anglo try to tell me how to feel,
When my brothers and sisters dying left to right,
While some picking up bibles in stead of trying to fight..

This ugly war of white supremacy…

( To Be Continued..)


Is That You Over There?

… The uncertainty is killing me, its a fresh new start. I had it all figured out, but as soon as I set my fingers to type, my brain goes blank, & I have no idea what to write..

There it goes all over again..
Thoughts jumping from place to place,
Too many ideas at once, my mind continues to race…

What shall I write about now?
Food, college, fashion, music, hell.. Idk
I just put my fingers to these keys and let it flow..

So as I sit here & try not to stress,
I would like to welcome you to my WordPress.

Medusa 12/16/15